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AuroraPlay is an Android OS ROM developed for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. It is built on Stock GingerBread 2.3.7 and consists of multiple tweaks, themes, additions and modifications to get the very best out of the device. The later versions also include our AdrenoBooster mod, to squeeze as much performance out of the GPU as possible.



AuroraPlay v0.1

  • Initial release

AuroraPlay v0.2

  • Added 'Gmail' app to /System
  • Fixed import contacts from SD Card/SIM
  • Changed System BootAnimation
  • Changed Default Wallpaper
  • Installed & changed default fonts
  • Made SystemUI (Status Bar) transparent - Some transparency effects are not compatible with Holo Launcher
  • Various speed & performance tweaks
  • Boots even faster!

AuroraPlay v0.3 RC

  • Added Beats Audio Engine (Please give feedback)
  • Changed Default Music Player
  • Added Music Player Widget
  • Possible fix for XLoud audio issues when playing music
  • Fixed Wallpaper Chooser
  • Added New Wallpapers
  • Added ClearBass
  • Updated Font – Should fix Filename/Drive issues
  • Added DSP Manager (Please give feedback)
  • Updated HoloLauncher to Latest Version (REMOVED)
  • Updates to Settings.apk
  • Added QuickPanel Settings as requested
  • Added Xperia Z Wallpapers (Some)
  • Added Xperia Z Sounds/Notifications
  • Included SEMC Setup Wizard
  • Final attempt at getting Xperia Weather Widget
  • Updated Adreno Libs (Please test performance!) (Removed from RC)
  • Updated Notification Bar – To Support QuickPanel Changes
  • Removed HoloLauncher & Replaced with Xperia Home (Let me know your opinions on this, bear in mind this fixes all widget issues)
  • Added Some Xperia Widgets
  • Fixes and Updates to build.prop
  • Updated SystemUI.apk (Still working on this, QuickPanel might not work properly still)
  • Removed PS Store (I intend to create a seperate for this - Give feedback/view please)
  • Removed SEMC Digital Clock

AuroraPlay v0.3 Final

  • Flashlight App Removed as 'Flashlight' present in SystemUI
  • Optimized Launcher & Reduced Size
  • Removed DSP Manager - Not quite as good as I had hoped
  • Updated Sound Enhancement APK - Fix bug from RC
  • Updated On/Off Widgets
  • Updated SEMC Calculator
  • Updated Browser
  • Fixed xLoud Issues - Sound Levels should be OK now

AuroraPlay v0.4

  • This update WILL format DATA & CACHE
  • Removed Gmail App - Doesn't Like Being in /System
  • Updated Frameworks
  • ROM is now Multi-boot Aware
  • Enable Track Skip with Vol +/- Buttons
  • Add 'Supremacy' Script to ROM (thanks emwno) - Should speed things up a bit??
  • Cleaned up SYSTEM (Some things removed can be restored using the 'Complete' Pack Addon)

AuroraPlay v0.5

  • AdrenoBooster Enabled (v0.1)
  • Multiple apps from v0.3 Included into Main ROM
  • Restored some resources from v0.3 that didn't effect Performance
  • Useless Init.d scripts cleared from ROM
  • Minor modifications to Init.d scripts

AuroraPlay v0.6

  • AdrenoBooster Enabled (Minimal Edition - For stability & performance)
  • Xperia Z Theme Changer (Modded by Myself)
  • ROM to be OXED'ed for speed
  • Updated Superuser
  • Updated Apps
  • Sound is DEFINITELY fixed - If anyone says otherwise, tuff!
  • Camera is Fixed
  • On-Off Tools/Widgets Removed

AuroraPlay v0.7

  • Updated Beats Audio Libs/Files
  • Removed No-Frills CPU Control (CPU Overclock not required)
  • Reworked Entire Framework (Full Xperia Z Look)
  • Updated Browser
  • Updated SEMC Music
  • Updated Gallery
  • Updated Weather Widget
  • Updated SystemUI
  • Updated Lock Screen - Xperia Z Look
  • Updated Calendar
  • Updated DeskClock
  • Updated to Xperia Z Fonts
  • Updated to Bravia Engine 2

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