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This only works on Gingerbread, not anything else. We are still working on finding alternative tweaks for ICS and JB

This is a MOD to boost the performance of the Adreno 205 GPU in the Xperia Play. (This mod should also work on other Adreno devices (Adreno 205+).

What does it do?
The configuration file consists of multiple options, each which do their very own unique 'tweaking' to the way the GPU performs. A notable option is 'forceAutoTextureCompression'. This saves RAM and makes texture rendering faster, but the actual loading of the game might be a tiny bit slower - however once it's loaded it will have faster rendering.



  • Init.d support
  • Root
  • Any Gingerbread ROM


Tested Settings

Please disregard this part. It is information for developers and mods only. General users should not look into this. When available, this will be entered into the Wiki.


  • preserveZStencilOnSwap - enabling might improve performance at the increased risk of visual artifacts

facenessCulling - Turning on causes crash on boot
FPSCap - setting to anything other than 0 (even to 60 or 100) causes unstable 2D rendering
2D.eglSwapMode=interrupt - Causes unstable/looping 2D rendering. Applications fail to initialize.
fullSurfaceDynamicUpdatePath - reduces 3D performance by around 10%.

Performance Boosts:

  • forceAutoTextureCompression - Turning this on seems to help a LOT with 3D performance. Might increase load times by a a tiny amount.
  • triJuice - setting it to the max value of 3 increases particle/shader/lighting performance a LOT with a minor loss in quality
  • forceMSAAMode - enabling this will force no anti-aliasing as long as MSAAMode is left at 0. Could increase performance on some things but make them look very chunky
  • 2D.HwBlt - Enabling this should enhance GPU hardware acceleration in gingerbread. It says default is enabled but I've set it to 1 anyway.
  • oxiliForceVsSingleThread=1 - Must be enabled with oxiliForceFsSingleThread=1 for performance increase. Prolonged usage has negative impact (Needs more testing).
  • oxiliForceFsSingleThread=1 - Must be enabled with oxiliForceSingleSp=1 for performance increase. Prolonged usage has negative impact (Needs more testing).
  • oxiliForceSingleSp=1 - Must be enabled with oxiliForceVsSingleThread=1 for performance increase. Prolonged usage has negative impact (Needs more testing).
  • clockGating - Turning this on might save power consumption (Currently being tested more to confirm). However there is no performance drop by having this enabled

Seemed to hurt performance: (I did not test these much, could do with more tests one-by-one)

  • leiaEnableLrzExpansion - enabling might.... do something.
  • leiaEnableFastLrzUnresolves - enabling might improve performance
  • oxiliDisableChunkedUpdates - enabling might improve performance
  • oxiliForceShaderDirectUpdates - enabling might improve performance
  • oxiliForceConstantDirectUpdates - enabling might improve or reduce performance
  • oxiliForceShaderSingleContext - enabling might improve performance at cost of quality
  • oxiliForceSuperthreadMode - enabling might improve performance or reduce it. Probably conflicts with above one.
  • suppressTimestampInterrupts - enabling might improve or reduce performance

Null/No Difference - These options made no effect on performance from their default settings

  • shadowGmemInAppBuffers - no effect on performance or quality

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