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AuroraPlay v1.0.0 Released

Written by Spizzy. Posted in AuroraPlay

This is the first version of AuroraPlay to have two seperate download's for it. Not because one ZIP needs to be flashed after the other, but because I figured it would be better to have a ZIP for those who have Locked Bootloaders and those who have Unlocked Bootloaders.

With these two ZIP's there aren't any differences between the two besides the SuperUser binary as the latest one doesn't work entirely well on phones that have a Locked Bootloader. So because of this, there are two downloads available as follows:

  • ULB - For those who have an Unlocked Bootloader
  • LB - For those who have a Locked Bootloader

If you have a Locked Bootloader but still want the latest binary, simply download and flash the ULB version and see how things go. Chances are you will have some ROOT issues but it's entirely your own choice whether to give it a shot or not.

Right, that aside, onto the changelog for this version. This version is the biggest update yet and has taken the longest by far - there's even more to come as updates for the next releases have been lined up already. But anyway, the changes for this release are below:

  • Add Music Controls to Lockscreen
  • Changes to SystemUI - More Xperia Z-like
  • Fix Dock App Auto-Load - Done
  • Add Lockscreen Settings to Settings.apk
  • Change Bootanimation Again Due To Requests - Cancelled
  • Fix App Text Area Imagery
  • Updated ES File Explorer to v3.0.1
  • Fix Alarm Icon Imagery
  • Updated Google Login Service
  • Updated Google Services Framework
  • Updated Google Services APK - Done
  • Further Reductions in APK File Sizes
  • Updated Semc Desk Clock APK
  • Fix Music Track Change on Long Press Vol +/- - WIP/Broken - Moved to next version (Requires completely rebuilding all previous android.policy.jar mods or choosing between this one mod, and all the others i.e. Lockscreen, Smooth Loading Circles, Increased Audio etc.)
  • Updated to AdrenoBooster v0.6
  • Multiple Build.prop Tweaks
  • Full GPU Hardware Accelleration - (Removed, Greatly Reduces Gaming Performance)
  • Fix Wireless Setting Toggle Imagery
  • Added Multiple Default APNs (Over 1300 APNs added!)
  • Separate ZIPs for Locked/Unlocked Bootloaders
  • Add Date & Time to Notification Bar
  • Add Settings Shortcut to Notification Bar
  • Move Carrier Name from Notification Bar (Now Only Present on Open/Close)
  • Fix/Replace QuickPanel Settings Imagery
  • Fixed Google Talk Video Chat
  • Improved Battery Performance
  • Improved I/O Performance - Should keep things smooth
  • Disabled Signature Checking
  • Added Original/Classic Live Wallpapers - Done (They're only 100kb or so each)
  • Updated SEMC Email App
  • Fixed Service Menu Access Bug
  • Partially Based on FW 4.0.2.A.0.79
  • Updated Google Talk App
  • Fix SystemUI 'Clear' Imagery
  • Fix Lockscreen Imagery
  • Added Sound Recorder
  • Updated Resources of Phonebook APK
  • Updated Resources of SemcPhone APK
  • Updated Resources of Conversations APK
  • Smaller Settings Bars in Settings.apk
  • Updated Battery Animation/Icon
  • Fix In-Call Notification Display

Both versions of the ROM can be downloaded from the downloads section of the website and alternative links can be found on the XDA thread here.