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Upcoming Release: AuroraPlay v0.7

Written by Spizzy. Posted in AuroraPlay

One thing that's always attracted my attention since the start of this ROM is the beauty of the Xperia Z. The phone itself is amazing as most of you will know, however the UI is also something to be desired. In past versions of AuroraPlay I have tried to simulate some sort of alternative to the Xperia Z UI but unfortunately failed for the most part - That however will hopefully be a thing of the past in the next upcoming release of AuroraPlay.

I have carried across imagery from stock ICS/JB frameworks for the Xperia Z and copied them to the AuroraPlay framework, this should change the larger portion of the ROM to look a lot like the Xperia Z, if not identical. I have also added a new launcher to the ROM which is identical to the Xperia Z, the only thing I was not able to change is the SystemUI (the notification bar). This may have to be something for a later version of AuroraPlay however for now it proved quite difficult to do, whilst I have a form of a 'beta' for the file it is very very 'beta' indeed (I guess it would be Alpha then) and is not ready for release. I have also included several other tweaks to v0.7 such as an update to the Bravia Engine, as well as a patched xLoud and plenty more. A full changelog for the release can be seen below.

AuroraPlay v0.7 Changelog

  • Updated Beats Audio Libs/Files
  • Removed No-Frills CPU Control (CPU Overclock not required)
  • Reworked Entire Framework (Full Xperia Z Look)
  • Updated Browser
  • Updated SEMC Music
  • Updated Gallery
  • Updated Weather Widget
  • Updated SystemUI
  • Updated Lock Screen - Xperia Z Look
  • Updated Calendar
  • Updated DeskClock
  • Updated to Xperia Z Fonts
  • Updated to Bravia Engine 2

Some of you may notice the 'Removed No-Frills CPU Control'. This is for good reason and is because the ROM no longer requires overclocking to get desired performance. You can by all means download No-Frills or another CPU Overclocking app from the Play Store yourself to replace that which is now gone from the ROM however it is now entirely your own option/responsibility.

By default the ROM still overclocks phones with an Unlocked Bootloader to 1.2Ghz. This is the highest clock possible before the voltage of the CPU needs to be increased for stability. If you require lower or higher clocks you will need to apply these yourself manually with apps from the Play Store.

Please note: This ROM is currently in the testing phase. Some things may be subject to change and in very rare cases the ROM may not be released at all (or at least, not this version with this set of changes). That being said, if all goes well I'll be releasing the ROM very shortly.