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NovaProject Construction Update #1

Written by Super User. Posted in General Information

Hi All!

This will be my first message to you, the people, the users, the developers, the tinkerers - Whatever you wish to be called!

It's safe to say the website is coming along... Bit by bit! I've finished the Download's section for now - Of course, more downloads are in the queue to be added to it however the entire AuroraPlay ROM chain is available for download at your own convenience.

I will be setting up a 'Documentation' area shortly which will perform somewhat like a 'Wiki' page (I may even call it this) - This will be an easy-to-access area for specific information on different things developed or created by us. It will be a source of all sorts of information ranging from how to install an Android ROM on your device, how to Root or unlock your bootloader, DIY ROM/Mod information, how to edit APKs and so much more. We will also have information on other areas that aren't Android related, depending on what our projects branch into.

So, hang around folks! There's much MUCH more to come.

Oh, and just an FYI - I'm not entirely set on that logo by the way. Expect it to change shortly when I get round to it. :)