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Update Released: AuroraPlay v0.9.0

Written by Spizzy. Posted in AuroraPlay

As most of you will know, this update has been available since Saturday... Which makes this entry 2 days late... Yeah, my bad.

The good news, is that over the past two days since release pretty much NO bugs have been found whatsoever, the only issues that remain are one or two images that need changing from black to white - Nothing big at all.

Over the past two days we've had over 2000 downloads already, split across each mirror. And that's with the issues we've had over at MediaFire and here in terms of actually being able to download the ROM. MediaFire seems to think that the file breaches Terms and Conditions which I have no idea as to why as nothing major has changed since the previous version and the licence is GPL. But whatever anyway, that's their porogative. There are 4 other mirrors available over at XDA, and then theres this one here which is best for those who have high speed connections. (Because if you don't download the file fast enough, the server will kick you out - An ongoing issue with the provider which is apparently being fixed).

Anyway, onto the ROM... In my opinion this is the best looking version yet and is also packed with loads of tweaks and features... There is a modified version of AdrenoBooster in this version, one that is not included in any other ROM or released as a specific version of AdrenoBooster over at XDA - It is fully unique. This will remain the case with this ROM and I will update it if need be, however it will not be released seperately. 

A full changelog for this version is as follows:

AuroraPlay v0.9.0

  • Decreased Size of Multiple APK's
  • Replaced Voice Search APK (Previous one was API Level 14, my bad xD)
  • Added Service Menu APK
  • Added 30 Steps Volume Control
  • Increased Sound 'Loudness'
  • Changed Lockscreen Imagery Reverted and Moved to 0.9.1
  • Added Smooth Spinners/Loading Bars
  • Multiple Framework Changes
  • Improved Xperia Z Home Look (Done faster thanks to Krisdee!)
  • Lockscreen Sound Controls/NXT Lockscreen
  • Changed Boot Animation to Default Xperia
  • Recompiled Some APKs to Reduce File Sizes
  • Compressed Transparency within Res Images to Reduce File Sizes
  • Changed Lockscreen Lock Pattern Imagery
  • Changed General SEMC Background
  • Compressed Wallpapers to Reduce Space
  • Changed Power Options Imagery
  • Battery Performance Improvements
  • Changes to AdrenoBooster
  • Changed Battery Animation
  • Changed Camera App
  • Increased 720p Recording Bitrate/Quality
  • Increased JPEG Quality of Camera
  • Added Power Save Mode APK
  • Added Main Xperia Play Launcher
  • Fix Weather Widget FC Bug
  • Fix Phonebook FC Bug
  • Fix SemcPhone FC Bug

It's sad to say but the development of this ROM may come to an end soon... I'm starting to run out of things to add to the ROM to make it perform better, especially since we are running an older version of Android OS. And also simply because of the limitations of our device. If it does come to that however, rest assured that I will continue to support the ROM and the device - I'll simply start work on an ICS/JB ROM or something else.

There'll be a few more versions to come yet though, I'll iron out all the bugs and make the ROM perfect before giving it it's 'FINAL' version. And then I'll most likely do a Light Edition or a Gamer Edition as well - The 'Light Edition' having near to no extra applications or modifications that effect the performance of the device to ensure smooth running for games. And the 'Gamer Edition' which will be a completely stripped down version of the ROM inclusive of Phone/Messaging capabilities, the phone will only be useable as a gaming device however it will have plenty of resources to run your favourite games on.

Anyway, download the new update. Flash as usual. There's no formatting of DATA so it's your choice whether you want to have a fresh install or not, and then let me know what you think over at XDA.

Also, I'll be adding some forums to this website soon. I've been waiting for a release of a specific forum before doing it which is now in 'Alpha'. I might add it and see how things go. At the end of the day though I think XDA will still be the best place/home for all my work.



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