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Update Released: AuroraPlay v0.8.0

Written by Spizzy. Posted in AuroraPlay

Well well well... What have we here...

There are only a few words available which can describe this update... One would be 'Finally' and the other would be 'Painful'. In terms of the creation process that is of course...

I ran into a huge issue with this update which was that in the previous version (AuroraPlay v0.7)

I had implemented a new 'Settings.apk' which gave all sorts of extra functions in replace of the previous one. This however used specific areas of the original Settings.apk and therefore removed some functions you would have normally expected to be there such as 'Call Settings'. I personally don't use 'Call Settings' much but at the end of the day you wouldn't expect it to simply disappear! So, after plenty of Logcats, FC's, and a crap load of work, I finally added 'Call Settings' into the new Settings.apk.

There have been quite a lot of fixes in this version, most specifically to fix issues in the previous version that were made because of the new framework/theme. A full changelog can be seen below:

  • Fix Lock Screen Imagery from v0.7
  • Fix SystemUI Imagery from v0.7
  • Change SystemUI Bar Imagery for Xperia Z Look
  • Fix 'Favourite' Contact Imagery from v0.7
  • Minor Framework Changes
  • Change Install Script to no longer Format Partitions
  • Fix 'Call Settings' in Settings
  • Fixed Bravia Engine - Reverted
  • Update Google Talk - Includes Video Chat
  • Fixed 'Messenger' App Attachment Bug
  • Google Login Service Added to ROM - To Fix 2-Step Notification Login Issue
  • Added VoiceSearch Service to ROM by Default
  • Added Video Chat Libs to ROM
  • Removed Broken Libs
  • Loads of Bugfixes (Most of these may not have been noticable)
  • Fix Audio Configuration

The new release is up for download in the Downloads section. Mirrors will be posted on XDA shortly to compensate for the volumes of downloads we recieve these days - AuroraPlay has become quite popular!

I've got quite a few ideas for the next version, which I may or may not share... We'll have to wait and see!

Anyway, please let me know what you think of the new version, either on here or on the thread over at XDA. This version also has DATA formatting disabled in order to preserve your data from the previous version and save a whole lot of work for those who do not do backups. That being said, If you run into any issues at all it will most likely be because of this and the first bit of troubleshooting advice I can give you will be to format your DATA and reinstall the ROM. :)