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Update Released: AuroraPlay v0.7

Written by Spizzy. Posted in AuroraPlay

I should've mentioned this a little earlier considering 24 hours have passed since the download was available however yes, AuroraPlay v0.7 has been released and is up for download from here.

It's already had over 3000 downloads between this website and it's mirror location here. This is a fantastic response and it's great so see so many people liking the ROM and monitoring it's progress.

I will admit, the new version does have a few issues with it. These are mostly graphical issues from the framework being updated however these will all be fixed in a patch or in the next version which I have already started work on. It's my hope that once I get to v1.0 I'll be able to say that AuroraPlay is genuinely issue-free and any future updates will simply be additions or modifications to the ROM that aren't fixes.

Eventually I will also introduce OTA updates however I am undecided on whether or not I will only release minor updates through this service and have the major updates on here/XDA Developers. There's quite a lot more to come from this project, so don't think It'll be gone or development will be stopped anytime soon, hopefully by this weekend there will be a release to fix the issues in v0.7. I'll not make this a definite though as I am a little stuck for time this week and cannot confirm that the fixes will definitely be finished for then.

Just to mention, all of the issues with AuroraPlay v0.7 are graphical only. They do not impact on the performance or stability of the ROM. They are simple things such as images being the wrong size or in the wrong place - Please do not let this put you off the update. :)

Stay tuned for AuroraPlay v0.8 lol.

- Spizzy